Q- How is the V-Loc System going to help my project?

A- It will give you a more accurate finished grade.

​      It will reduce your labor and concrete costs.

​      It will allow you to grade your site faster.

Q-Will I save Money with the V-Loc System?

A- Yes! As the saying goes........Time is money.

       Since you are saving time in manual labor and concrete costs you are thus, saving money overall.

Q-Is there a warrant on the V-Loc System?

A- Yes David's Dozer offers a lifetime warranty on the V-Loc.

       All electrical components are warrantied by their manufacturer.

       See our  V-Loc Warranty documentation.

Q- How many years of construction knowledge does David's Dozer have?

A- David Armas, founder of David's Dozer V-Loc System Inc., has an overall of 20 years of

      experience in grading and construction site preparation.

Q- Is there any product in the market similar to the V-Loc System?

A- No, there is nothing available in the market quite like the V-Loc System.

Q- Why would it make sense to use the V-Loc System on my next grading project?

A- You should use the V-Loc System on your next project because it will save you time (site pad can be graded faster), it                     will save you money on concrete costs (V-Loc System provides a more accurate grade, eliminating concrete                                     overruns) and it will allow you to reduce your labor associated with site pad grading and preparation.

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