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David's Dozer V-Loc System Inc., offers customers a lifetime warranty on the V-Loc unit that it sells to customers.  This warranty
provides the customer with the unconditional replacement of the V-Loc assembly in the event that it is damaged or destroyed due to normal wear and tear during its use.  This warranty does not cover the components sold with the V-Loc System that are not made by David's Dozer V-Loc System Inc.  Those items are covered by the warranties supplied by their respective manufacturers.  The customer should consult the product manual for each component to review the details of the warranties for those products. 



The customer acknowledges the following limitations to the usage and warranty of the V-Loc Assembly.


1) The V-Loc System is designed and manufactured for specific machines.


2) The customer can only use the V-Loc assembly on the specific machine that it was designed for.


​3) If the customer attempts to use the V-Loc assembly on a machine other that the machine it was purchased and designed for, the

     customer's warranty will be 'Null and Void'.


4) If the customer attempts to modify the V-Loc assembly in any way or manner, the customer will not only void the warranty

     but the customer will also be guilty of violating the patent upon which the V-Loc assembly is based on.  In such case, David's Dozer      V-Loc System Inc., will take immediate action to enforce its patent, and the company will seek any and all legal relief available to it        under U.S. Patent Law.

5) If the customer attempts to use their V-Loc assembly on a machine other than the machine it was specifically designed for the               customer shall be deemed to be violating David's Dozer's patent.  In such case, David's Dozer V-Loc System Inc., will take immediate     action to enforce its patent, and the company will seek any and all legal relief available to it under U.S. Patent Law.

David's Dozer V-Loc System Warranties and Representations