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Concrete Subgrade
The V-Loc laser grading system is great when used in the concrete industry to create the base for flatter, better quality slabs. Maintaining a flat subgrade before and during a pour is essential to quality concrete slabs and minimizing overages. The V-Loc laser grading system delivers.

Parking Lots
Parking lots and their large flat areas are a natural application for laser grading. The V-Loc laser grading system help create the subgrade necessary for a consistent paving surface. They help eliminate costly material overages, contributing to a better bottom line.

Fine Grading
The V-Loc laser grading system excels anywhere a flat consistent surface grade is required. Applications include general excavation, pole building construction, sidewalk pours, storage rental facility construction and more.

Golf Course Tee Boxes
The V-Loc laser grading system make quick work of rebuilding golf course tees and other locations around the course. Superintendents and managers love how easy it is to create the correct slope with very tight tolerances.

Athletic Fields
Building a superior grade into a sports field makes maintenance easier. A consistently smooth playing surface is important to player safety and athletic performance. The V-Loc laser grading system helps create and maintain prime playing conditions at all levels of play, from youth to scholastic, collegiate and professional levels.

Horse Arenas
Sure footing is critical to health, safety and enjoyment for both horse and rider in equestrian training and show venues. The V-Loc laser grading system not only maintains the correct grade, it also helps control material depth for edge-to-edge consistency throughout the arena.

Emerging Markets
The V-Loc laser grading system is now highly compatible with GPS, sonic sensors and total stations. All of these control technologies are being used with the V-Loc system for jobs like grading railroad ballast, preparing explosive beds for mining, placing materials at curbs and gutters on roads and streets, golf course renovation and more.