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David Armas filed for a patent on the method of stabilizing the dozer blade attachment on front loading track machines in 2008, and was awarded the patent in February 2012.  It is known as the V-Loc System, and is manufactured in the United States, in Miami Florida.
This awesome idea came from his vision to catapult the construction, sports field, and landscaping industries into more profitable business ventures through the reduction of time, labor costs, and concrete costs.  Mr. Armas has been in the construction industry for over 15 years as he is also the founder and owner of IFG- International Fine Grade Inc. He has broad and vast knowledge of  laser grading due to the fact that for the most part of his construction career has been involved in all aspects of laser grading such
as: slopes, compound slopes, parking lots, parking decks, running tracks, ball fields, and all types of paving from small sports fields to
gigantic job sites.  He brings this experience to the table and creates a fusion between old school laser grading and his new and revolutionary method with the implementation of the V-Loc System.


Any business looking to see immediate reductions in overhead costs will find the V-Loc System to be the Holy Grail in construction implementation.  The secret behind this V-Loc System is itspatented method of stabilizing the dozer blade attachment on front-loading track machines which provides companies the ability to prepare construction sites with precision through the use of its laser grading system.  The combination of the laser grading, electronic and hydraulic systems creates the only automated 6-way tilt laser grading system in the world with the patented V-Loc that has created the perfect tool for grading a variety of construction sites. 

In the world of concrete and laser grading, there are those companies which promise a job well done and then there is a company delivering the unheard of, David’s Dozer V-Loc System Inc., we are that company.  Not all concrete and construction companies are the same although the end results are similar.  David’s Dozers’ method of construction site preparation sets the foundation for easier and more cost effective planning and design.  Some of the top construction companies, such as those used in building retail giants like Wal-Mart, Target and Goya Inc., have found that David’s Dozer is the missing piece to the construction puzzle that sets them apart from their competition in the race to capitalize on the ideal spot in cities around the globe.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to change the construction, sports field, and landscaping industries worldwide, by providing contractors and developers a means to prepare job sites with accuracy that saves time, reduces labor costs, and reduces concrete costs. David's Dozer V-Loc System Inc., vision is to be a leader in laser grading by providing clients the utmost quality work in all the industry, through commitment to the highest standards of customer service and quality control.